In 1980, Dr Horacio Cingolani, who belonged to the Board of Directors of the American Section of the ISHR, at Arnold Katz’s suggestion, was conferred the organization of the Latin American Section. It was then founded in 1983, Dr Cingolani being its General Secretary. After the first Meeting, Dr Pedro Aramendía (Argentina) was elected President, followed by Dr Luis Folle (Uruguay), Dr Raúl Domenech Lira (Chile), Dr Ricardo J. Gelpi (Argentina), Dr Otoni M. Gomes (Brazil), Dr Alicia Mattiazzi (Argentina), Dr Pilar Macho (Chile), Dr
Paulo Tucci (Brazil), Dr. Eduardo R. Migliaro (Uruguay), Dr. Martín Vila Petroff (Argentina) and Dr Paulina Donoso (Chile).

Meetings of the ISHR, Latin American Section:
• I Meeting: Rosario (Argentina), 1986
• II Meeting: Punta del Este (Uruguay), 1987
• III Meeting: Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1989
IV Meeting: Santiago (Chile), 1995
V Meeting: Montevideo (Uruguay), 1997
VI Meeting: Buenos Aires (Argentina), 1999
VII Meeting: Belo Horizonte (Brasil), 2000
VIII Meeting: Córdoba (Argentina), 2001
IX Meeting: Belo Horizonte (Brasil), 2001
X Meeting: La Plata (Argentina), 2002
XI Meeting: Belo Horizonte (Brasil), 2002
XII Meeting: Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2003
XIII Meeting: Cataratas de Iguazú (Argentina), 2004. The XIII Meeting will take place in the Iguazú Falls (Argentina-Brasil), August 1-3, 2004 together with the Satellite Meeting of the XVIII World Congress of the International Society for Heart Research (Brisbane, Australia), August 7-11, 2004.
XIV Meeting: La Plata (Argentina), 2005, together with the Congress of the Argentine Society of Physiology.
XV Meeting: Buenos Aires (Argentina), 2006, together with the Congress of the Argentine Society of Physiology.
XVI Meeting: Sao Paulo (Brazil), September 7-11, 2007, together with the 62nd Congress of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology.
XVII Meeting:Buenos Aires (Argentina), May 23-25, 2009, together with the F.A.C. Congress.
• The Latin American Section will co-sponsor with the Australasian Section two symposia at the ISHR World Congress in Kyoto, Japan (May 13-16, 2010)
XVIII Meeting:La Plata (Argentina), October 28-29, 2010.

XIX Meeting:Buenos Aires (Argentina), October 7, 2011.
• XX Meeting: Santiago (Chile), October 25 - 26, 2012